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Asti Benoit, founder and CEO at EVOO1 is responsible for developing worldwide imports of superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and pairing with charitable organizations for contributions toward children's causes globally. EVOO1 develops a private labels for FOUNDATIONS and Humanitarian causes worldwide with a special focus on inspiring Children's & Single Parent Families programs. EVOO1 is a charity sponsor and donor corporation. We support foundations which are about children, nutrition medical resources and endangered species. Our foundation is called Evoolutions.com Prior to creating EVOO1, Asti Benoit experiences as chief financial officer, chief marketing officer, projects analysts in medical management, an Indian Child Welfare worker (ICW) Pitt River in Northern California and EMT. Notable is her work as a executive administrator 20 years in medical management, for health care and IT medical integration which fueled a fire for multimedia medicine and children's medical & nutritional education. Employed for five years and running, CMO & CFO of Martinis Corporations, Martinis Brands has expanded and redesigned its Martinis Brand line to the diverse market of private label services, co-branding, co-packing and in 2009 successfully launched AthiA – Brand ( A MARTINIS Trademarked brand of Olives, Oil and Balsamic Vinegars) with JCWright distributions. Martinis is the #2 manufacture and exported retail 100% Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olives. Vastly sold in Trader Joes, Safeway & KeHe Distributions. Asti is currently producing a children's' cooking show. Delphi Fruits (DFI), Ms. Benoit's division of Martinis corporations, is responsible for all marketing, multimedia, for Martinis Brands. DFI is a female owned and certified distributor and sole e-distributor for Martinis brands. Delphi Fruit' offers the Co-Packer, Private Label with automated web generation or personalized label services. S2S Media, Ms Benoit media company since 2003 focuses on delivering quality graphics, designs and multimedia productions. S2SMedia.com is her corporation's productions company. Alex Trevigne and Asti Benoit redesigned the entire MARTINIS Brands labels and launched over 30 labels and 86 Urls marketing campaigns for MARTINIS marketing. The team is makes diverse labels for all cultures and needs. S2S Media designs for Co-Branding with Martinis or Privatel label for Martinis Co-packing services, grocery chains, restaurants, bars, chefs and food service providers.

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We are artists, designers, writers and social media marketing gurus. We generate powerful ideas based on experience, client collaboration, and simple, old-fashioned hard work.

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