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Alex Trevigne

Since 1990, I have been providing branding and identity services for aggressive startups and established companies on the move. But this experience goes far beyond your typical logo, business card, letterhead, stationery design packages. Yes, I handle a lot of these bread and butter branding needs, but most businesses don't follow such a predictable pattern. Perhaps you need top notch illustration and design work for an investor PowerPoint presentation or viral marketing video. Or maybe you need a product demo designed or tradeshow collateral, and the deadline was yesterday. Maybe it's a label design for a new product and a website to match. It could even be designing a set of corporate training manuals, storyboarding a 30 second commercial spot, or designing a campaign for an event or milestone. With a background in web design, graphic design for print, photography and illustration I have skills and depth of experience to deliver an elegant solution on time and to your requirements.

Long before computers became a viable tool for visual and graphical communications, I was working with my father (also a graphic artist) mastering the basics. Fundamentals such as fontography, color theory, and layout were stressed. Along the way I also developed an interest in photography, , web design and animation. Today, terms such as "digital" and "CGI" are thrown around as if they are an ends to themselves, rather than just a means to a creative solution. A computer, as well as software programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator, are primarily no different than pen and paper. They are ALL tools, and as such have no apparent ability to create anything themselves except in the hands of an experienced artist.

With a solid foundation in the classic arts supporting my career in digital content creation, I can take your project from a simple thumbnail sketch or idea to a fully integrated, fully formed product. This provides my clients the assurance and peace of mind that no matter what unexpected changes occur, or which direction or medium their project might take, I will have the experience and skills to see them through and deliver their project on time and on spec.

Our Team

We are artists, designers, writers and social media marketing gurus. We generate powerful ideas based on experience, client collaboration, and simple, old-fashioned hard work.

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